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Bebe too launches a 12 month political journey to counter Bobi Wine

In a rather a rare move Bebe Cool revealed via a post on his social media page how he is about to embark on 12 months political and musical journey that will not leave Ugandans the same way.

Bebe Cool recently completed his work on a new audio called ‘’Nsilikamu’’ to show his seriousness with the music business and will soon drop the video according to his latest revelations.

It is unclear what he meant when he said he is about to embark on a 12 months political journey as he stated in his latest Facebook post.’’

“Now we about to start a 12 months music,politics, information, awakening,thunderous, medical, reconciliation, effective,loving, annoying, assuring journey. Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts,’’ Bebe Cool posted.

The post attracted critism from most of his his who commented on his statement with some accusing him of seeking for cheap popularity.

“Nonsense…i knw yo trying to compete for similar attention like BOBI WINE but the guy iz too far my frend, may be try Dr. Jose Chameleone musically but again chamili yakulekawo ddaa…may be try king saha..” one fan commented.

Bebe Cool was recently in the news for wrong reason when he refused to condemned the brutal torture of his fellow artist Bobi Wine who was tortured by security forces following chaotic scene in Arua town at the close of the campaign on Monday 13th July two days to the by-election.

He was later forced of the stage after being hurled with stone by angry crowds who accused him of siding with the oppressive regimes of president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

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