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Ugandans to pay more for power as more dams come on board

Ugandans are likely to pay more for power in Uganda as more dams come on board the latest reports indicates.

The development comes at a time when government is planning to commission more two multi million dollars power dams of Karuma and Isimba despite the available power surplus.

While releasing the reality check report dubbed powering Uganda’s transformation, the executive director center for development alternative Max Walter said that the current power consumption cannot cover the production cost and that explains increasing power tariffs.

He said that it would be prudent for government to start by building the power demand and increase power generation accordingly.

Currently Uganda power installed capacity stands at 822 megawatts, and it’s likely to rise to 3500 megawatts by end of this years.

The high cost of power will hinder majority of the population especially the rural poor from using electricity which is considered one of the basic needs.

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