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Ugandans without national IDs given three months to register

NIRA staff register people for national IDs at Kololo Independence Grounds recently. Such services have now been extended to sub-county level

Ugandans who have never registered to get national identity cards (IDs) and those who registered but have not received their cards, will now get such services at sub-county headquarters.

“The tentative date for commencement of these activities is mid-January,” National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) spokesperson Gildert Kadilo told INFO256.COM on Monday.

Kadilo said the three-month exercise was aimed at taking services closer to the people. “The major goal of the exercise at sub-county level is to enable us get closer to Ugandans who may not be able to access our services at district offices,” he said.

Services to be offered

The exercise is intended to give support to district offices which have been carrying out similar activities. The activities include national ID replacement, registration and issuance, rectification of data like images that never met the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and documents that may not have been properly scanned.

A spelling error can only be corrected free-of-charge if an applicant notices the error before picking up the ID and signing out from the system. This should be done systematically by indicating to the issuing officer the error and the correction to be made.

A rectification form is then filled and submitted. Procedures for other services that have not changed as per the Registration of Persons Act 2015 are; replacement of national IDs, change of particulars on the (already picked) ID like name, spelling errors, months or day of birth and fingerprint update.

All these are paid for and a bank receipt for respective services is required as an attachment at the point of submission. Ugandans were advised to dial *216# to access procedures for all registration services. Kadilo said services such as change of information (name, date of birth, spelling errors) for already picked IDs, fingerprint update in the National Identification Register can only be carried out at NIRA head office in Kololo.

He said birth and death registration that commenced in November last year is underway in 63 remote and underserved districts.

Importance of registration

Registration of births plays a vital role in promotion of a person’s right of identity, nationality and parentage. It is the most visible legal evidence or recognition of the existence of an individual. It provides the country with a major source of vital statistics for national planning and precise resource allocation. Continuous birth and death registration reduces the need for the national demographic and housing census, which is expensive.

NIRA is mandated by the Constitution to create, manage, maintain and operationalize the National Identification Register by registering all citizens of Uganda, noncitizens who are lawfully residents, births and deaths and assigning a unique National Identification Number to every person registered.

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