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What you need to know about the face behind Besigye dominance in Kasese

Kasese district is the only district in Uganda where opposition Forum for Democratic Change has won almost all elective positions.

The brain behind this FDC penetration in Kasese is non other than Reverend Saulo Matte who has been nicknamed by residents as Field Marshall.

He is incorruptible, resilient and non compromising, Saulo Matte, the is also the party Chairman Kasese who coughs and Kasese catches a cold.

“He is the reason Mambas were deployed to sabotage FDC activities in Kasese to disperse opposition rally,” according to Besigye aide Ronald Muhinda.

Saulo Matte is known for enforcing strict political discipline in Kasese. You go against FDC principles, beliefs and ideas, he makes you fail in Kasese.

Kasese has the most competitive FDC grassroots structures where he demands academic qualifications to even join village structure.

In the whole of Uganda, it’s only Kasese where meetings are conducted in English without Lhukonzo translation. To join the structure, you must be educated. Thanks to Field Marshal Saulo Matte.

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