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You are a mole within opposition, Mukasa Mbidde to Abed Bwanika

Hon Mukasa Mbidde

The division within the opposition members is not about to stop despite several efforts being put in place to unite the various factions of opposition in Uganda as a means of dislodging president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni from power.

The recent DP reunion in Masaka further exposed the cracks within the opposition as there was a battle between those who support Masaka municipality member of parliament Mathias Mpuga and those who support EALA representative John Mukasa Mbidde.

The major disagreement was between Mbide and Dr Abed Bwanika who expressed their oub put openly living everyone who attended the function lost for words.

Hon Mukasa Mbidde Asked Dr Abed Bwanika to tell Ugandans the truth: “You should tell Ugandans the exact person you are working for. All Opposition Political Parties are fighting against “Bosco”, But for you your Work is abusing Dr. Kiiza Besigye, Hon Nambooze, Lord Mayor Lukwago and other opposition Members. We shall not even allow you to Hoodwink Hon Bobi Wine because He is the Uganda’s Hope ” This was during DP Reunion Meeting in Masaka where Mbidde unleashed that Dr.Abed could be working for a certain person whom He called ” Bosco “.

Mbidde attack on Bwanika comes after Bwanika has asked people of Masaka not to trust Mbidde who is gearing up for 2021 election as a candidate for Masaka municipality.

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